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About Fleurt

Fleurt_blackAndrew Jones’ design impulse for the Fleurt chair came from imagining how a field of chairs could poetically respond to the lawn of the Battery Oval, a major meeting ground for Lower Manhattan.  Using a single chair in repetition, the view across the Battery Oval is transformed by the whimsical suggestion of sun-loving flowers floating in a field.  Fleurt stretches out, encouraging visitors to do the same.

The lawn setting suggests a chair whose posture is more casual than that of a café chair.  Fleurt announces openness and photogenic warmth.  Fleurt envelops the sitter with comfortable lounging curves, adding pleasure to people-watching, talking, eating, reading, posing and reposing.  Canadian designer Andrew Jones intended for this archetypal floral form to be constantly rearranged by visitors, creating a “memorable, diaphanous landscape.”

Learn more about The Battery Conservancy Americas Chair Design Competition here.

To learn more about adopting a Fleurt chair, please contact Elizabeth Steeves at