Park Features

The Battery Conservancy began operating in 1995. Its mission is to design, build, maintain and program the park’s landscape, as well as to share stories of the site’s compelling history.

From 1941 to the 1980’s, the Battery went from a beloved, bustling public space to a forlorn and dilapidated park. In 1986, the Battery Park City Authority, in cooperation with NYC Parks & Recreation, commissioned the architectural firm of Ehrenkrantz and Eckstut for a Master Plan for rebuilding the park.

With Philip Winslow as the landscape architect, the Battery Master Plan completed public review and won an art commission award in 1986 for design excellence. Sadly, the plan languished on the shelf because of a lack of public will and civic focus. Thus, the Battery Conservancy was founded in 1994 as a civic engine with the sole purpose of implementing the Battery Master Plan.

Working with the Saratoga Associates architecture and planning firm, the Battery Conservancy drafted a strategic action plan called The Battery Rebuilt. The plan has since has evolved into these ten project areas:

Battery Urban Farm

New Amsterdam Plein and Pavilion


Peter Minuit Plaza

Playspace (click here to view the RFQ for an Executive Architect for Playspace)

Garden Bikeway

The Bosque


Waterfront Promenade

The Gardens of Remembrance

Castle Clinton

Since 1994, the Conservancy with its public partners, led by NYC Parks & Recreation, has secured $112 million for design, construction and maintenance endowment. Three major capital projects are complete and seven more are in various stages of development, with expected finish dates over the next five years.

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The Battery Conservancy