Battery Urban Farm




The Battery Urban Farm is an educational farm where New York City’s students, residents, and visitors learn about sustainable farming techniques, the joys of tasting new foods, and their role as environmental stewards. The farm was started in 2011 by The Battery Conservancy in partnership with the Environmental Club at Millennium High School. Since then we’ve had thousands of students and community volunteers help us grow thousands of pounds of vegetables, fruits, herbs, grains, and flowers.

This year we are excited to open our brand new Forest Farm! Walk the winding paths through this enchanted forest of primarily native plants with a focus on edibles. There are fruit trees, berries, mushrooms, flowers for pollinators, and examples of medicinal plants. Through hands-on lessons in this exploratory ecosystem students will learn about native plants and pollinators, how animals and insects camouflage themselves–and how delicious a fresh blueberry can be.


  • Empower New York City children and community to make healthier eating choices through garden education.
  • Inspire and encourage the creation of edible gardens in communities throughout NYC and globally.
  • Cultivate environmental stewardship and a broader awareness of sustainability through responsible waste management and gardening practices.

Visiting the farm

You can find a printable map of The Battery with all landmark locations indicated here. For the 2015 season, both the vegetable and forest farms will be located next to the Labyrinth. We anticipate the vegetable farm moving back to The Battery Woodland after completion of the construction work there.
The public is welcome to visit the farm when the farmers are there and the gate is unlocked, usually between 8am and 4pm on weekdays. Please do not walk through the farm when classes are in session.
If you are an educator and are interested in bringing your class to the farm for a Field Trip at The Battery, please click here.

Where does the food go?

Produce grown on the vegetable farm and Forest Farm will be donated to participating school cafeterias through the Garden to School Cafe Program. During the summer months, food is also donated to our community partner Drive Change for use in their Snowday food truck.


2015 Battery Urban Farm Supporters

The Battery Conservancy thanks our corporate donors for their generous support for the farm. Click here to see our list of corporate and donors.