Youth Education at The Battery

Field Trips at The Battery

Please note that each teacher wishing to bring their class must fill out a separate application. Please click here to register for Field Trips. 

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Field Trips at The Battery offers a comprehensive introduction to The Battery for student and summer camp groups of all ages. Experience urban agriculture and forest farming at The Battery Urban Farm; then learn about our urban ecosystem and the City’s history with our oyster beds, bees, perennial gardens, and monuments.

Visits are 60 minutes and include age-appropriate park tours, hands-on farm experience, a mini-lesson, and tastings whenever available. Farm activities are seasonal and dictated by the needs of this working farm.

Lessons include: the Hudson River Estuary through our oyster beds; City History through the park’s monuments; Pollination and Honey Production through our bee hives and perennial gardens.

Field Trips at The Battery are open for all schools and summer camp groups ages K – 12.

Spring visits are  available Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, April through June.

For information about available Field Trip topics, please click here.

Donation Information

The Battery Conservancy is able to provide Battery Urban Farm Education Programs thanks to support from individuals, organizations, and school communities. In order to continue these programs, we request a donation of $50 for each Farm Field Trip. Your support is greatly appreciated, and helps to ensure The Battery Conservancy’s ability to continue offering these programs. This donation amount is requested but not required, and we will not turn away any schools unable to make a donation.
Donations can be made online, via credit card, check, or cash, and/or in person on the date of the visit. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law and non-refundable. You will receive a formal thank-you letter and gift acknowledgment letter that you may use for tax purposes.

Student Farmers Program

The Student Farmers Program invites students to get their hands in the dirt and experience urban agriculture with The Battery Urban Farm staff. All lessons are Common Core Standards-aligned and include inquiry-based, seasonal, and age-appropriate activities. These activities range from seeding to harvesting, and everything in between depending on the farm’s needs.

Lessons will take place throughout The Battery, especially at the vegetable farm, the forest farm, the oyster beds, and the bee hives. Classes meet bi-weekly.

This program is open to New York City public school students in grades K – 3.