The Battery | Storm Surge Sandy and The Battery
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Storm Surge Sandy and The Battery

As widely reported, the historic Battery took the full force of Sandy as it hit Lower Manhattan on Monday evening. The park survived an unprecedented storm surge of 13.88 feet of sea water. We lost three mature trees, the fountain is flooded, and our gardens were covered by salt water until the surge receded — but no plants were uprooted and the garden beds are intact. We are amazed and delighted to report that the foundation for the wonderful SeaGlass carousel stayed dry through it all.

Our most urgent challenge is the loss of our offices at One New York Plaza — completely submerged in flood waters. All our electronics, furnishings and, most importantly, our archives and history of 18 years of work are gone. Much critical information is on backup servers, but the materials and memories of our journey til now have been literally washed away by the sea.

We are looking for temp space to keep our work force together and progressing.  All gifts of hands, hearts and funds will be most gratefully appreciated.To see more photos of the damage caused by Sandy and the work we are doing to ensure The Battery’s swift recovery, click here.

UPDATE: The Battery Conservancy relocated to a new office in January 2013. We are so grateful to all who helped make this possible. Our new address: One Whitehall Street, 17th Floor, New York, NY 10004