Monuments and Memorials

Netherlands Memorial

Dedicated: December 6, 1926 Description: Sculpted flagstaff pedestal, presented by Dutch people to NYC. Granite, bronze. Donor/Source: People of Netherlands Fabricator/Sculptor:H.A. Van den Eyden

Fort George Memorial

Dedicated: 1817 Description: Tablet marking SW bastion; disappeared and rediscovered twice. White Vermont marble. Donor/Source:Corporation of the City of New York

John Ericsson Statue

Dedicated: 1902; replaced original of 1893 Description: Statue (heroic scale) of Swedish scientist and businessman on integral plinth; pedestal with four recessed relief plaques (recast, 1951/2). Donor/Source: State of New York Fabricator/Sculptor:Jonathan Scott Hartley; Architect of new pedestal (1951/2): Frank E. Wallis

Jerusalem Grove

Dedicated: July 8, 1976 Description: Grove of 11 Blue Atlas Cedars (Cedrus atlantica ’Glauca’) with inscribed horizontal marker. Donor/Source:City of Jersualem

The Sphere (Temporary)

Dedicated: March 11, 2002 Description: Temporary Installation of artwork salvaged from WTC Disaster Site. 25’ high sphere stood in the WTC Plaza as a monument to world peace from 1971 to September 11, 2001. Donor/Source: City of New York Fabricator/Sculptor:Fritz Koenig

New York Korean War Veterans Memorial

Dedicated: June 25, 1991 Description: Obelisk with cutout in shape of soldier on base with mosaic, two plaques on two markers in circular plaza. Donor/Source: NY Korean Veterans Memorial Commission; Muncipal Art Fabricator/Sculptor:Mac Adams

Walloon Settlers Memorial

Dedicated: May 20, 1924 Description: Stele with exedra; carved in Belgium by Walloons (came to NY in 1624) Donor/Source: Conseil Provincial du Hainaut (Belgium) Fabricator/Sculptor:Henry Bacon

The Immigrants

Dedicated: 1983 (cast 1973) Description: Group (heroic scale) on base, commemorates Immigrant Landing Depot at Castle Clinton, representing different ethnic groups. Donor/Source: Samuel and May Rudin, Rudin Management Company\ :Fabricator/Sculptor:Luis Sanguino; Architect: Frank Luzi; Fabricator: A. Ottavino Corp (base)

Emma Lazarus Memorial

Dedicated: 1955 Description: SoL poet; plaque on plinth; lead capsule in foundation contains list of 402 contributors; bronze and limestone. Donor/Source:Federation of Jewish Women’ Organizations, Inc.

Salvation Army Memorial

Dedicated: 1952 Description: Stele on plinth, plaque; commemorates arrival of first SA unit in NYC (1880), replaces 1927 original (stolen 1942). Donor/Source: Salvation Army Fabricator/Sculptor:J.V. & R.V. Lamb

Norwegian Maritime Monument

Dedicated: October 21, 1982 Description: Small boulder with incised anchor motif, atop large inscribed boulder, inscribed marker, WW2 memorial. Donor/Source: Norwegian war veterans Fabricator/Sculptor:A. Ottavino Corp

Admiral George Dewey Memorial

Dedicated: 1973 Description: Plaque with two relief medallions on plinth; portraits of Dewey and salior figure. Bronze, granite. Commemorates Spanish-American War victory at Manila Bay. Donor/Source: 18 civic, veterans’ and historical associations, under auspices of American Battle Monument Commission Fabricator/Sculptor:Daniel Chester French

Coast Guard Memorial

Dedicated: 1955 (created 1947) Description: Group of three figures (heroic scale), integral plinth, pedestal; bronze and granite. WW2. Donor/Source: United States Coast Guard Fabricator/Sculptor:Norman M. Thomas

East Coast Memorial

Dedicated: 1961 Description: Eagle on pedestal between two ranks of 4 inscribed pylons, aligned with Statue of Liberty. Donor/Source: ABMC Fabricator/Sculptor:Albino Manca

John Wolfe Ambrose Memorial

Dedicated: June 1, 1936 Description: Stele with bust; portrait sculpture of the Irish–American scientist and writer. Donor/Source: Mrs. George F. Shrady, daughter Fabricator/Sculptor:Bust: Andrew O–Connor, Jr.; pedestal relief: Frederick George Richard Roth. Architect: Aymar Embury II

Marine Flagstaff

Dedicated: ca. 1955 Description:Flagstaff with yard arm; commemorates marine history of Battery Park. Aluminum.

Battery Cannon

Dedicated: 1914 Description: Cannon on base, plaque. Dates from Revolutionary War. Donor/Source: William Henry Mairs; placed by Children of the City History Club Fabricator/Sculptor:J.V. & R.V. Lamb

Wireless Operators Memorial

Dedicated: April 15, 1915 Description: Inscribed cenotaph with three large plaques, one medium plaque, and seven small plaques; Fountain; two benches. Donor/Source: Veteran Wireless Operators Association Fabricator/Sculptor:Edward S. Hewitt & William L. Bottomley

American Merchant Mariners’ Memorial

Dedicated: October 8, 1991 Description: Depicts merchant mariners in a sinking lifeboat; dedicated to merchant mariners lost at sea. Plaque on base. Donor/Source: American Merchant Marine Memorial, Inc. c/o Joan Samsen Assoc. Fabricator/Sculptor:Marisol Escobar

Peter Caesar Alberti Marker

Dedicated: 1959/1985 Description: Italian American explorer; originally bronze plaque on granite (stolen); now granite marker on plinth. Donor/Source: Original–Italian Historical Society of America (stolen) Fabricator/Sculptor:A. Ottavino Corp.

Giovanni da Verrazzano

Dedicated October 6, 1909 Description: Italian explorer; half figure and standing figure (both heroic scale) on pedestal. Donor/Source: Charles Barsotti organized public subscription Fabricator/Sculptor: Ettore Ximenes