Monuments and Memorials

Some monuments may be closed to the public due to construction on the nearby Battery Green and Battery Garden Bikeway. These monuments are expected to reopen in Fall 2016.


Netherland Memorial

Dedicated: December 6, 1926
Description: Sculpted flagstaff pedestal, presented by Dutch people to NYC. Granite, bronze.
Donor/Source: People of Netherlands
Fabricator/Sculptor:H.A. Van den Eyden

See the installation of the new flagpole here.





Fort George Memorial

Dedicated: 1817
Description: Tablet marking SW bastion; disappeared and rediscovered twice. White Vermont marble.
Donor/Source:Corporation of the City of New York




John Ericsson Statue

Dedicated: 1902; replaced original of 1893
Description: Statue (heroic scale) of Swedish scientist and businessman on integral plinth; pedestal with four recessed relief plaques (recast, 1951/2).
Donor/Source: State of New York
Fabricator/Sculptor:Jonathan Scott Hartley; Architect of new pedestal (1951/2): Frank E. Wallis





Jerusalem Grove

Dedicated: July 8, 1976
Description: Grove of 11 Blue Atlas Cedars (Cedrus atlantica ’Glauca’) with inscribed horizontal marker.
Donor/Source:City of Jersualem




The Sphere (Temporary)

Dedicated: March 11, 2002
Description: Temporary Installation of artwork salvaged from WTC Disaster Site. 25’ high sphere stood in the WTC Plaza as a monument to world peace from 1971 to September 11, 2001.
Donor/Source: City of New York
Fabricator/Sculptor:Fritz Koenig





New York Korean War Veterans Memorial

Dedicated: June 25, 1991
Description: Obelisk with cutout in shape of soldier on base with mosaic, two plaques on two markers in circular plaza.
Donor/Source: NY Korean Veterans Memorial Commission; Muncipal Art
Fabricator/Sculptor:Mac Adams





Walloon Settlers Memorial

Dedicated: May 20, 1924
Description: Stele with exedra; carved in Belgium by Walloons (came to NY in 1624)
Donor/Source: Conseil Provincial du Hainaut (Belgium)
Fabricator/Sculptor:Henry Bacon





The Immigrants

Dedicated: 1983 (cast 1973)
Description: Group (heroic scale) on base, commemorates Immigrant Landing Depot at Castle Clinton, representing different ethnic groups.
Donor/Source: Samuel and May Rudin, Rudin Management Company
Fabricator/Sculptor:Luis Sanguino; Architect: Frank Luzi; Fabricator: A. Ottavino Corp (base)



Emma Lazarus Memorial

Dedicated: 1955
Description: SoL poet; plaque on plinth; lead capsule in foundation contains list of 402 contributors; bronze and limestone.
Donor/Source:Federation of Jewish Women’ Organizations, Inc.



Salvation Army Memorial

Dedicated: 1952
Description: Stele on plinth, plaque; commemorates arrival of first SA unit in NYC (1880), replaces 1927 original (stolen 1942).
Donor/Source: Salvation Army
Fabricator/Sculptor:J.V. & R.V. Lamb





Norwegian Maritime Monument

Dedicated: October 21, 1982
Description: Small boulder with incised anchor motif, atop large inscribed boulder, inscribed marker, WW2 memorial.
Donor/Source: Norwegian war veterans
Fabricator/Sculptor:A. Ottavino Corp


Admiral George Dewey Memorial

Dedicated: 1973
Description: Plaque with two relief medallions on plinth; portraits of Dewey and salior figure. Bronze, granite. Commemorates Spanish-American War victory at Manila Bay.
Donor/Source: 18 civic, veterans’ and historical associations, under auspices of American Battle Monument Commission
Fabricator/Sculptor:Daniel Chester French




Coast Guard Memorial

Dedicated: 1955 (created 1947)
Description: Group of three figures (heroic scale), integral plinth, pedestal; bronze and granite. WW2.
Donor/Source: United States Coast Guard
Fabricator/Sculptor:Norman M. Thomas





East Coast Memorial

Dedicated: 1961
Description: Eagle on pedestal between two ranks of 4 inscribed pylons, aligned with Statue of Liberty.
Donor/Source: ABMC
Fabricator/Sculptor:Albino Manca

To find a loved one memorialized here, visit the American Battlefield Monuments Commission website.




John Wolfe Ambrose Memorial

Dedicated: June 1, 1936
Description: Stele with bust; portrait sculpture of the Irish–American scientist and writer.
Donor/Source: Mrs. George F. Shrady, daughter
Fabricator/Sculptor:Bust: Andrew O–Connor, Jr.; pedestal relief: Frederick George Richard Roth. Architect: Aymar Embury II





Marine Flagstaff

Dedicated: ca. 1955
Description:Flagstaff with yard arm; commemorates marine history of Battery Park. Aluminum.






Battery Cannon

Dedicated: 1914
Description: Cannon on base, plaque. Dates from Revolutionary War.
Donor/Source: William Henry Mairs; placed by Children of the City History Club
Fabricator/Sculptor:J.V. & R.V. Lamb



Wireless Operators Memorial

Dedicated: April 15, 1915
Description: Inscribed cenotaph with three large plaques, one medium plaque, and seven small plaques; Fountain; two benches.
Donor/Source: Veteran Wireless Operators Association
Fabricator/Sculptor:Edward S. Hewitt & William L. Bottomley



American Merchant Mariners’ Memorial

Dedicated: October 8, 1991
Description: Depicts merchant mariners in a sinking lifeboat; dedicated to merchant mariners lost at sea. Plaque on base.
Donor/Source: American Merchant Marine Memorial, Inc. c/o Joan Samsen Assoc.
Fabricator/Sculptor:Marisol Escobar

Peter Caesar Alberti Marker

Dedicated: 1959/1985
Description: Italian American explorer; originally bronze plaque on granite (stolen); now granite marker on plinth.
Donor/Source: Original–Italian Historical Society of America (stolen)
Fabricator/Sculptor:A. Ottavino Corp.



Giovanni da Verrazzano

Dedicated: October 6, 1909
Description: Italian explorer; half figure and standing figure (both heroic scale) on pedestal. Donor/Source: Charles Barsotti organized public subscription Fabricator/Sculptor: Ettore Ximenes