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For Complete Submission Requirements



The submissions should consider the following:

    • Be a moveable outdoor seating element
    • Be suitable for a range of activities (eating, lounging, sitting)
    • Be suitable for people of different ages, sizes, and abilities
    • Be stackable for easy storage and locking
    • Incorporate sustainable practices
    • Consider the effect the chair will have on the grass-lawn surface
    • Harmonize with the entire Battery site context
    • Include a Radio Frequency ID tag (RFID security)
    • Design a discreet place for a donor/sponsor recognition
    • Be beautiful, comfortable, durable, and economical to manufacture
    • Design must work well alone or in groups
Note: The Battery Conservancy will fabricate an estimate of 300 units of the winning design for Park use.


Registration, Submission Deadlines, and Fees


Early Registration:
July 31, 2012 – September 30, 2012
Individual: US$50
Team: US$75
Late Registration:
October 1, 2012 – October 30, 2012 November 13, 2012
Individual: US$100
Team: US$125
REGISTRATION DISCOUNT AVAILABLE to students participating as part of studio courses! Professors and Faculty of studio groups, please contact for discount details.


Submission Deadline:       October 30, 2012 November 19, 2012 11:59pm EDT


At any point after registration, submissions can be uploaded to the competition website until the submission deadline on October 30, 2012. All registration fees are in US$ and will be payable when you register online, via PayPal. If your country has PayPal restrictions, please contact for alternate instructions.



The competition is open to individuals or teams who reside in the Americas
Canada, the United States, Mexico, Central and South America, and the Caribbean:
  • Students: enrolled in professional programs at institutions located in the Americas
  • Professionals: architects, engineers, industrial designers, landscape architects, furniture designers, urban designers, artists, and other design professionals whose practice is located in the Americas
  • Teams must include one member — the team leader — who legally resides in the Americas
Note: All submissions must be original work not previously fabricated.
The Battery Conservancy has the right to determine whether it will move forward at any time throughout the competition. Should The Battery Conservancy decide that no entry is feasible for fabrication, it is under no obligation to move forward with designating winners.


All submissions must be submitted digitally through the competition website. After being guided through the creation of a unique, anonymous registration ID, competition entrants will be prompted to submit required items. The following three (3) items are required to complete your submission.

Two (2) 36″ x 48″ vertical posters, submitted together in a high-resolution PDF file; also submitted as (2) low-resolution JPG files. See detailed poster requirements in The Competition Brief.


(1) a single image of your concept that identifies your submission and could be used as an enticing profile image for your entry. Submitted as a JPG file, 166 x 180 pixels.


Project Title (In any language); Project Description (max 500 words, IN ENGLISH), describing your concept and the method by which you intend your design to be fabricated and of your ability and qualifications to provide any needed assistance to the Conservancy in developing a functional prototype.



A 60-second video that shows the idea/s behind your design. A music soundtrack is allowed, but narration is NOT allowed. The title screen should include the title of your design but no other personal identification. Video filesize should not exceed 100 MB.


A PDF document that includes development images such as sketches, maquettes, models, studies, etc. PDF file should not exceed 60 MB.


All entries will be reviewed by the jury anonymously. Thus, all submitted text and images must be free from any marks, logos or writing that identifies authorship. The presence of any such insignia will result in disqualification.

Terms and Conditions