The Battery | Fleurt
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Andrew Jones

Andrew Jones Design



A Single Chair Creates a Scene

The design impulse for Fleurt came from imagining how a field of chairs could poetically respond to the lawn of Battery Park. Using a single chair in repetition, the view across the lawn is transformed by the whimsical suggestion of sun-loving flowers floating in a field. The chair is conceived as an open blossom; seat, back and arms are abstracted as petals and synthesized into an archetypal floral form. Constantly rearranged by visitors to the park, the chairs create a memorable, diaphanous landscape.

Opening Up + Stretching Out

Fleurt stretches out, encouraging visitors to do the same. The lawn setting suggests a chair whose posture is more casual than that of a café chair. Fleurt announces openness and a flirtatious, photogenic sensuality. Fleurt envelops the sitter with comfortable lounging curves, adding pleasure to people-watching, talking, eating, reading, posing and reposing.

Fleurt Facts

• Stacks five high
• No sharp edges
• Front and back rails make for a safe lawn chair
• Bottom rails visually disappear into the lawn
• No holes to catch heads or fingers
• Dries quickly
• Doesn’t catch or show dirt

Material, Form, Structure and Use

Fleurt synthesizes use, material, form and structure into a simple and expressive design tailor-made for the Battery Park lawn. The chair achieves its diaphanous quality by using light materials in structural ways. Two parts, the seat shell and supporting base, are welded together at four points, galvanized and finished with a durable powder coating.


The shell of the chair is fabricated using thin steel sheet (perforated, expanded or fused steel wire cloth), made structural by rolling it into a conical form. At the outer and inner edges – where the sheet would be weakest – a 12 mm steel rod (formed using CNC bending) is welded for reinforcement. The final sheet material will be selected based on strength, weight and visual beauty; a custom pattern may be developed to further distinguish the design.


Fleurt’s base structure is created from a single length of 19 mm tube, with eight CNC bends and one weld. The closed form allows the legs to remain fine and stem-like.


The cradle-to-cradle design uses one material, mild steel, efficiently and economically to achieve a durable, strong, lightweight chair. Steel is 100% recyclable without loss of quality, and steel recycling is a well-established system. Fleurt is easy to manufacture locally.

Color + Pattern

Fleurt’s colors are complementary to the scene: the lawn, trees, planting materials and Castle Clinton. The chair’s composition of lines and perforated surface achieves a subtle interplay with the green “color field” of the lawn. The chairs are rendered in soft blues, and grey mauves, meant to invoke Scilla, one of the first bulbs to flower in spring and a common companion to lawns.

Professional Qualifications

BArch, MA Furniture. 15 years experience designing furniture for manufacturers. Expertise in coordination and supervision of the prototyping process, fixtures and tools, testing and safety and manufacturing.