SeaGlass: Coming this Spring! For  more information, dive into the history of SeaGlass below!

SeaGlass Sound and Light Show at the Battery Gala

At our June 4th Gala, our sound and light engineers put on a show inside the nautilus shell structure.

SeaGlass Topping Off – Final Steel Roof Panels Unveiled

On April 18, 2013, The Battery Conservancy celebrated the Topping Off of the SeaGlass nautilus shell structure.

MCP_0155 Battery SeaGlass Topping Off Ceremony 2013  mp_resize

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The New York Aquarium at the Castle was one of the nation’s earliest public aquariums welcoming 2.5 million visitors annually. Until its closing in 1941, the Aquarium was a vital educational and scientific center. SeaGlass carousel will not only entertain visitors, but inspire and educate them.

The story of SeaGlass began when The Battery Conservancy was designing the park’s interior to reflect its rich history and to create a light source in a previously darkened landscape. An aquatic carousel was proposed to recall 1896 when the Battery was the first home of the New York Aquarium. SeaGlass is an innovative, aquatic–themed ride for Downtown residents, workers and visitors from around the world.

The Conservancy is working with the New York Aquarium at Coney Island to develop a ferry link from The Battery waterfront to a dock near the aquarium. Information on exhibitions and events at the Aquarium will be available at the SeaGlass site along with educational materials about the SeaGlass sea creatures.

This SeaGlass fish prototype, designed by George Tyspin Opera Factory, is a Blue-Ringed Angelfish.
The figure, a magnificent 9’4″ tall and 9’6″ wide, is made of Lexan, a polycarbonate resin thermoplastic.
Fiber optic and LED lights glow from within the fish, whose blue hue will transform into an array of colors during the ride.

To complete the theatrical experience, an audio component (also placed within the figure) will emit an
enchanting oceanic soundtrack as the figure moves up and down, as if “swimming” through the sea.

SeaGlass was born through the genius of wxy architecture. Inspired by the chambered nautilus, the spiraling pavilion of glass and steel brings art, architecture, music, and film to children of all ages. 60 SmartGlass® panels transform SeaGlass’ walls from transparent to cobalt blue, simulating a descent to the ocean’s floor. Renowned George Tsypin Opera Factory creates a mystical underwater experience. The rider sits within iridescent fish that glide through the sights and sounds of a 360° aquatic adventure.

Fish Sponsorship Opportunities

These magical fish figures are available for sponsorship. If you are interested in this unique opportunity, please contact Anna Morrison at