Visitor Guides

Planning a visit to The Battery?  Check out these mobile and printable resources to guide your exploration of our 25 acres of historic waterfront park.

Blooms of The Battery

The breathtaking floral displays of The Battery change each month, as new plants blossom and fruit over the course of the season.  Use these monthly bloom guides to learn more about some of the prominent plants flowering throughout the park.

April Blooms

May Blooms

June Blooms

July Blooms

August Blooms

September Blooms

October Blooms

November Blooms

Family Scavenger Hunts

For those visiting The Battery with children, we invite you to print one of our scavenger hunt worksheets to guide your exploration of the plants and animals in the park.  Remember to print a map along with your worksheet, and please follow all social distancing guidelines while in the park.  We recommend bringing a clipboard and colorful drawing tools if you are able!  Please note that worksheets change seasonally, because not all areas of the park are open in every season.

Map for Worksheets

Winter Worksheets:  [K-2nd Grade]  [3rd-5th Grade]

Spring Worksheets:  [K-2nd Grade]  [3rd-5th Grade]

Summer Worksheets:  [K-2nd Grade]  [3rd-5th Grade]

Fall Worksheets:  [K-2nd Grade]  [3rd-5th Grade]

Field Guides

Explore the flora and fauna of the park with these field guides, which can be accessed on your mobile device or printed out and brought with you on your visit.  Click on the field guide title to view the PDF with images and information.

Bees and Other Pollinators: The vibrant gardens of The Battery attract an abundance of pollinators throughout the warm season, including some you may not have expected! Use this guide to identify and learn more about our most common flower visitors.

Butterflies: Use this guide to identify 15 of the most common butterflies of New York City, many of which can be found pollinating flowers here in The Battery.

Medicinal Plants:  This guide highlights the medicinal uses and rich cultural history of some of the plants growing throughout the park.  Most of these plants can be found in the Labyrinth area, which is home to our Forest Farm.

Park Birds: The ecological resources of The Battery attract dozens of bird species throughout the year, including some that migrate through and many that make their long-term home in this area.  Use this guide to quickly identify some of the park’s most common birds.

Trees:  The Battery is home to more than 500 trees, some more than 125 years old.  Use this map and field guide to identify our most common tree species using their leaf shapes, bark, and flowers, and read up on interesting facts for each.

Waterfowl: The Battery waterfront is a fantastic place to view the aquatic birds of the Hudson River.  Use this guide to identify and learn more about some of the park’s most common seabirds.

Walking Tours

Print the following materials as guides to help you explore the history of Lower Manhattan on your visit to The Battery.

A Walk Through History at The Battery

Immigration Highlights of The Battery

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