“The emotions that the natural world produces, particularly in its prairies and meadows, are my inspiration.
This feeling—this rugged calm—is the objective of the plantings in The Bosque.” — Piet Oudolf, Garden Designer

Previously an uninspired space characterized by cracked asphalt, picnic tables and monotonous rows of benches, the Bosque has been completely rebuilt with a host of unique amenities.

Opened in June 2005, the Battery Bosque is a garden–filled oasis at the tip of Manhattan. The Bosque, Spanish for “a grove of trees,” is the second phase of Piet Oudolf’s horticultural master plan and compliments Oudolf’s work in the Gardens of Remembrance with a graceful mix of rugged prairie and woodland perennials.

The Bosque features 53,000 square feet of gardens set among 140 mature London plane trees. The Bosque hosts 34,000 perennial plants, two distinctively designed food kiosks and a 40–foot–wide granite spiral fountain.

“The Bosque garden feels natural, even untamed, composed as it is of waves and drifts of plants and plant groups in scale with the setting. The perennials here are not specimen plantings. Individual plants ARE beautiful, but in combination with others, and in harmony with the site, they create a unity and a beauty that echoes nature all year long.”
Piet Oudolf

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