Conservancy Staff

Warrie Price, President and Founder

Hope Cohen, Chief Operating Officer,, x10

Office of the President

  • Samantha Bachert, Executive Assistant to the President,, x12


  • Steve Lagerstrom, Director of Operations and Technology,, x15
  • Sean Kiely, Manager of Landscapes,, x23
  • Josie Connell, Chief Agriculturalist,, x13
  • Gabriela Marin, Chief Horticulturist,, x22
  • Gerard Brown, Crew Chief,, x30
  • Quanzetta Hayward, Crew Chief,¬†, x29
  • David White, Gardener,, x32
  • Matthew Shaw, Gardener,, x31
  • Donnell White, Groundskeeper,, x33


  • Elizabeth Steeves, Development Manager,, x21
  • Eve Rickles-Young, Development and Marketing Associate,, x19

To volunteer, please email

The main phone number is 212.344.3491