Bird Banners

Birds at The Battery

Visitors to The Battery can now follow a path through the center of the park that is highlighted by attractive and educational banners displaying photos of some of the many birds that live in or pass through this area. The project is sponsored by The Battery Conservancy, and includes 18 banners attached to lampposts, featuring 34 different birds.

The banners were created by Gail Karlsson, an environmental lawyer, writer and photographer who lives nearby. She was inspired to focus on local birds after going on early morning bird walks initiated by The Battery Conservancy and led by Gabriel Willow, a well-known urban naturalist who works with the New York City Audubon organization.

The photos on the banners were selected from Gail Karlsson’s recent book A Birds’ Guide to The Battery and New York Harbor, in which she considered how different birds might experience this now urban space, which in earlier times they had to themselves.

Birds at The Battery
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